Dynamic Zombie Sandbox ArmA 3 1.0

Posted: 11th September 2013 by Craig_VG in News
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It has been quite some time since I’ve made a significant upgrade to DZS, and I’m proud to not only release this upgrade today, but to announce something much greater.

In late 2011 the first version of what would grow to be the #2 COOP mission in Arma 2 and the #1 in Arma 3 (Armaholic hits). It became successful not because it was well done (it was quite rough around the edges), but instead because it was different. Open ended zombie survival of this type wasn’t something available anywhere in the gaming industry at the time. DZS took that a step further with many parameters, integrated randomness in almost every aspect, and map independence.

Now, as I start college, my almost year long hiatus has ended. I plan on taking Dynamic Zombie Sandbox into a whole new direction. I would like to revolutionize the system of goals, tasks, and objectives. People need something to do besides kill zombies. Because once you have multiple vehicles loaded with heavy weaponry, no zombie herd can stand a chance and gameplay becomes stale.

In real life you can analyze so much more about someone than in a game. People carry wallets, phones, and more on their person, and that can lead to some exciting things. Example: You kill a zombie and search their body. You find their phone that is holding onto a little battery. Their last text was to his brother, who was planning on going to his house in the country where he was hoarding weapons. Boom, an objective.

Think Skyrim’s radiant quests, except with a lot more spice, and no clear indicator of where to go. Arma lets you place markers on the map, so do it. (If you can find a map)

I intend to capture this ingame and that excites me. The structure for this is already present in the version I am releasing today and there is far more on the horizon. So if you have any suggestions, tell me.

Now that my spiel is over it is time for the actual release info:


Dynamic Zombie Sandbox A3 1.0

(Yes it says 1.0… I know the last version was .09, just forget about it… thanks :D)


What’s new:

Buildings now play an integral part in the DZS experience.

  1. A new system of zombie spawning done completely within buildings
  2. New player spawning, within buildings, in their underwear as if they just woke up. (think Rick Grimes)
  3. New zombie sounds, they are a work in progress so please give feedback on them
  4. More stable spawning system
  5. Completely redone file structure
  6. Fixed time sync issues
  7. And a new loot spawning system
  8. You can search the personal effects of dead zombies and players
  9. Cute heartbeat in the beginning
  10. Messages to intro you to the mission

Let me expand on a few of these:

Things now spawn as the player moves around the map, and it is all done client side. This includes weapons, vehicles, and zombies.

You can investigate a dead zombie or player’s body. Open their wallet and  learn their name, their age, and more. I intend to expand this into a whole new task system that also included vehicles and maybe buildings. Everything has a story, it’s time to tell it.

This update is basically a launchpad for the future.


DZS is very much WIP, I mark this as 1.0 because it is a new beginning for the mission and for me.

Some things to expect:

  • Lagginess: There is a vast amount of things being spawned
  • Occasional errors: Config errors occur a lot in DZS, I’m working on it
  • Some parameters will not work


Steam workshop (automatic updates, latest version will be here):


DynamicZombieSandbox.com (most stable version will be here, also includes dePBOd mission folder)


Yeah, I’m in college. I could be getting a job instead of this, so if you are feeling kind:



DZS A3 .09 Release

Posted: 25th June 2013 by Craig_VG in News
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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Update .09


DZS is now undergoing a large overhaul. Many of the old features and methods are being trashed for newer, cleaner, and simpler ways of doing things. I’ve already changed a lot, but it’ s only the surface. A lot is in the future, so fasten your seatbelts. It’s time to have some fun.


  1. New Parameters screen
  2. Correct headers and loading photo
  3. New file structure
  4. Rewriting functions



?Σ= .09 Beta Aesthetics Rewrite

Download .09

-Craig Vander Galien



DZS Editing Tutorial

Posted: 24th March 2013 by Craig_VG in News
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Hello, many of you have expressed your wish to edit DZS to make it more customized to your personal flavor of gameplay. Here is a quick guide on how to do so:


  1. Download the mission file from this website
  2. De-PBO the file (use this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369)
  3. Disable spawning: Go into description.ext and change the default=0; to default=3; within CVG_GAMEMODE9
  4. Put the folder created after DePBOing into your MPmission folder (Documents/Arma 3 Alpha/MPmissions)
  5. Start a LAN server
  6. Click on the mission (it will be in blue)
  7. Press Edit, this will bring you to the map editor.

If somethings need further elaboration, please tell me in the comments and I will adjust accordingly.


Craig Vander Galien

DZS A3 Update .07

Posted: 20th March 2013 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog, News
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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Update .07


Quick update, a couple fixes from .06 and a couple new things.

Changelog Overview:

  1. Zombies not working on clients
  2. New Game Type: No spawns (for developers)

Detailed Changelog:

  1. The list that said “Don’t spawn things on coral” was not pushed to clients
  2. Want to build off of DZS platform? Just take this parameter off and change the map how you wish. Players will not be relocated and vehicles/weapons will not spawn. Zombies will spawn as usual, however.



?Σ= .07 Bug Fix. Developer update


Download A3 .07

-Craig Vander Galien

DZS A3 Update .06

Posted: 19th March 2013 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog, News
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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Update .06


After a brief hiatus I have nice new version of DZS to be released. Many things have been fixed and improved, which lays the groundwork for much more revolutionary features to be added and re-added into the Arma 3 edition of Dynamic Zombie Sandbox. Enter smoother gameplay and hopefully not massive lag after 5 minutes (a result of faulty vehicle spawning). Have fun and report any bugs you encounter! Where to report? On this web page or email me at craigvandergalien@gmail.com


Changelog Overview:

  1. Zombies no longer spawn in water
  2. Vehicles no longer spawn in water
  3. Vehicle spawning redone
  4. Building destruction parameter fixed
  5. Medic packs in vehicles removed
  6. Dead zombies may have bandages
  7. All spawning parameters work correctly now
  8. Decreased .rpt spam
  9. Debug mode fixed
  10. Parameters cleaned up further
  11. Grass settings now longer crash game
  12. other minor fixes and improvements

Detailed Changelog:

  1. For some reason BIS defined coral as a house, so that was the reason for these issues. Why BIS? Why?
  2. See above
  3. Vehicles spawn as the player roams the island. This should work fine in MP as the variables are synced across the network
  4. Yep, turn this parameter on and all houses (including coral, sorry) will be destroyed, for a post apocalyptic feel to things
  5. 6 medic packs per vehicle? Too easy IMHO.
  6. A class issue left over from A2, now this works again
  7. “Everywhere, more in towns” caused a figurative train wreck, has been resolved.
  8. Mainly removed conflicts from Arma 2, less spam makes everyone happy.
  9. Dots wouldn’t appear on map. Quick Legend (Brown dots = zombies Red dots = spawning triggers Blue dots = Vehicles)
  10. Self explanatory
  11. Weird issue indeed, I’m not even sure how I solved it, but it has been solved
  12. Yep.



?Σ= .06 Bug fixes. No spawn in water. Smoother. Enjoy.


Download A3 .06



-Craig Vander Galien

DZS A3 Update .05

Posted: 11th March 2013 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog
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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Update .05


For the third day in a row I have a release for DZS Arma 3. The changelog will be a little more fleshed out this time, compared to the relatively short one for .03, therefore I have deemed this version to be .05.

Changelog Overview

  1. Added weapon and other loot spawns in buildings
  2. Headshots will kill
  3. Split up player groups
  4. Removed jittery zombie spawning
  5. Cleaned up parameters
  6. Zombies not attacking
  7. Players starting without weapons
  8. Boxes being empty

Detailed Changelog:

  1. DZS now uses the same loot spawn system included in Wasteland. Tonic and I have exchanged scripts before and this is another example.
  2. Previously headshots were not guaranteed kills. Now they almost always are. They will still take a decent amount of FMJ to the rest of their bodies, however.
  3. The radio chatter was annoying and gave the split up players’ positions away
  4. The problem has been in place since DZS 1.0 Combined Operations. It’s gone now.
  5. Many old parameters that no longer work in A3 were in the list, I removed them. As DZS A3 gets developed more, they will be returned.
  6. Not sure where this problem came from, but it was seen in V.03. Last night I threw out a hotfix that changed some code, and the problem disappeared.
  7. Name says it all, also fixed in hotfix
  8. Boxes spawned by clients were seen as empty, server now spawns all boxes. Fixed in hotfix.

Note: The hotfix was .035, no official release post was made for this. If anyone can confirm that the hotfix did not fix the above issues, please inform me.



(Not currently compatible with the Development build of Arma 3)

Also I really like this video, thanks to karwin leutscher for creating it! This is on version .03.

-Craig Vander Galien

DZS A3 Update .03

Posted: 9th March 2013 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog
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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Version .03

Good day ladies and gentlemen. Here I have, as promised, another version of Dynamic Zombie Sandbox. It includes a major addition, vehicles. I created a new spawning system that will be more efficient. To summarize, it spawns vehicles as you explore the map, instead of right in the beginning. Making a smooth load for the host. Also, I added civilian zombies, a difference between A3 and A2 was causing them not to be included.


  • New vehicle spawn system
  • Adjusted some parameters
  • Included Civilian skins


Note: This is an alpha version of a mission on an alpha version of a game. Don’t expect perfection, play at your own risk. Please don’t rate down an unfinished product.

arma3 2013-03-09 18-05-09-83

arma3 2013-03-09 18-03-33-91

arma3 2013-03-09 18-03-26-76



-Craig Vander Galien

DZS A3 Update .02

Posted: 8th March 2013 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog
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DZS Arma 3 Version .02 

Hello! Sorry for the delay, the last few days have been hectic for me in real life. Now, however, I have updated DZS A3 to version .02.


  • Included plentiful ammobox spawns near where the player starts. NOTE: You may have to search for them!
  • Made steps to counteract the “Swimming on respawn” issues.
  • Zombies no longer stop spawning permanently, they will begin again over time.
  • Did a lot of testing regarding vehicles

Vehicles are still out as of now. After you load in after the mission spawns vehicles, there is massive lag for a long time. Disabling simulation helps a little, but isn’t a final solution. I’m currently writing a more efficient method of vehicle spawning, which will be released tomorrow (March 9)


Download: http://dynamiczombiesandbox.com/downloads/

-Craig Vander Galien

DZS: ArmA 3 Release

Posted: 5th March 2013 by Craig_VG in News

Dynamic Zombie Sandbox ArmA 3


Hello. After over a year of development over multiple platforms, DZS is ready to be released for ArmA 3. This new engine brings plenty of new features to spice up the zombie experience. First and foremost is rag doll. Now mundane things like hitting zombies with your vehicle become far more satisfying. Physics also brings the potential for excellent new gameplay possibilites.
DZS has mostly remained the same for this version, but some features may not work since this is a whole new iteration of the game. The ArmA 3 version of DZS was taken directly from the latest beta of ArmA 2 CO DZS.


Obviously this is an alpha version of the game, but this is also an alpha version of the mission. Version .01. Expect tons of bugs. This is a stripped down version of DZS, more to come. But this is the best I could do in one day.

Some things that do not work:

  • Food/water
  • Logistics
  • Vehicles do not spawn
  • No weapons found on map


Images on the bottom.
Before you download I would love if you shared your opinion about DZS with this simple survey on Google Docs:


As always if you are willing to contribute to further development:

Here are some images:

arma3 2013-03-05 20-47-13-28

arma3 2013-03-05 20-39-44-55


arma3 2013-03-05 20-47-13-28





Dev Blog 3/3/2013

Posted: 3rd March 2013 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog

Today I’ve made a few more changes to the beta.

  1. Task markers don’t disappear after changing skin
  2. Terrain detail options don’t disappear when chaning skin
  3. Zombies attack again after respawn
  4. Updated Ammo Caches script to include weapons from different mods
  5. Zombies shouldn’t stop attacking after respawn anymore
  6. Food/Water works now
  7. The “Everywhere more in towns” option works again
  8. Infected and Town attack gamemodes work again

In other news, ArmA 3 release will be as soon as possible. Hopefully on March 5.

Downloads Page