Dev Blog 12/24/2012

Posted: 24th December 2012 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog
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Hey guys!

Getting to make this mission over the last year has been pretty exciting. The continuing support from a lot of you has made it all the better. I did get really sick of working on DZS toward the end of the summer, Fall brought school, soccer, and the social scene. All three take precedence in my life, so this was cast to the backburner. I hope to be back again and stay back.

So far, during the last few days, I have rewritten the zombie spawning scripts. It should be better, more efficient, and more realistic. It’s all done via FSM like last time, but it’s been reworked. One of the main features was making it possible to secure areas, zombies will stop spawning on certain buildings once they have already spawned there! ¬†Photo on the bottom.

I’m currently working on getting this up and running smoothly on dedicated. Then I will focus on the food/water system, which is also broken on dedicated (life would be tons easier if listen servers and dedicated were the same).

Now everyone, if you celebrate it, enjoy Christmas and New Years, then play some DZS!

A photo of the FSM:



2 comments on “Dev Blog 12/24/2012

  1. Beatstorm on said:

    Dude, I LOVE playing this with my friends, I host privately and we play a ton. DO NOT EVER STOP THE UPDATES, I LOVE THEM!

  2. jaiman on said:

    HEY man LOVE this map/mod but i have to say when i play on servers i can’t see guns and when I host a server only I can see them can u please tell me whats going on?

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