Dev Blog 1/28/2013

Posted: 29th January 2013 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog

Good day,

Here’s a quick update on progress on DZS.


Once again I’m hard at work on it, hopefully I’ll be able to get the update out soon. I’m currently focused on getting the next version out. The main goal is to get the food and water successfully working. It’s a little rough, but it’s coming along.

A secondary objective, however, has cropped up. I’m currently attempting to include a new version of zombie scripts that are more efficient and easy to modify.

Scripts can be found in the latest update of Chernarus Apocalypse and they are written by BIS employee Celery.

So yeah, the mission’s guts are hanging all over the place right now, more info soon.

More info soon, thanks for the support!



2 comments on “Dev Blog 1/28/2013

  1. Rivethead on said:

    Man, yes! Will there be an option to turn thirst and hunger on and off? Also are you making the zombies a bit less human? i.e. going prone when under fire, hesitating to charge at someone firing

    • Yeah, it’s definitely an option to turn it off. It might even be off by default. Zombies may be less human, yes. But they haven’t changed very much.

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