Dev Blog 3/3/2013

Posted: 3rd March 2013 by Craig_VG in Dev Blog

Today I’ve made a few more changes to the beta.

  1. Task markers don’t disappear after changing skin
  2. Terrain detail options don’t disappear when chaning skin
  3. Zombies attack again after respawn
  4. Updated Ammo Caches script to include weapons from different mods
  5. Zombies shouldn’t stop attacking after respawn anymore
  6. Food/Water works now
  7. The “Everywhere more in towns” option works again
  8. Infected and Town attack gamemodes work again

In other news, ArmA 3 release will be as soon as possible. Hopefully on March 5.

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4 comments on “Dev Blog 3/3/2013

  1. Hey Craig, absolutely love the mod. been using it for quite a while now.

    In a changelog, you posted this which is about the zombie classes.
    I have a few questions
    - I have downloaded and installed (if properly, im not sure) ‘the Undead mod’

    I see some zombies occasionally in the game with new animations, but usually only one or two at a time.
    I’m not sure if the mod is properly integrated?

    Ideally, I’d like to have most-all zombies using the undead mod, walking in pursuit after you if possible.

    I’m using the latest everything, and I’ve installed undead mod through My Doccuments and activated it through the ‘Expansions’. I’ve also got it installed in the core folders.

    Could you shed any light on the matter as to if I’m doing this right?

    Pretty keen to get Arma3 soon and test out the new version. Love the work you’re doing.


  2. Harry on said:

    Only two problems with the current beta version, hope these can be fixed soon:

    1. Choosing the “towns” spawn parameter for zombie spawns makes no zombies spawn at all.

    2.Only food stands and water barrels are spawning in as logistics items, no base parts are spawning in.

    Otherwise, brilliant work. Thoroughly enjoying playing this with a few mates. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey I’ve been playing your mod for a couple of days and i seem to have problems, for some reason if i Die and Respawn the Zombies dont come after me anymore unless i shoot them also when respawing i dont get any food or water items back also im having trouble with the food and water system the water doesnt allow me do anything with it besides move or load it also i cant cook any food at camp fires

  4. Carnaxus on said:

    Will DZS 1.30 for ArmA II be completed?

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